The new card designs are in! I still have last year's designs available for purchase (see lower set of pictures). Below are the four designs I am selling this year, from watercolor prints that I did this fall. The images are printed on high quality paper with a silk finish, and the back of each card contains a text explanation of my story, the mission of Samaritans, and that 100% of the card proceeds will support my fundraising efforts. 

If you are interested in ordering one or more packs, please contact me at <> and we can arrange how to deliver them. 

Full Pack - $10.00 - contains 2 of each bird (8 cards total + 8 envelopes)
Half Pack - $5.00 - contains 1 of each bird (4 cards total + 4 envelopes) 

Click the pictures for a bigger view!

2015 Card Designs

2014 Card Designs

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