My wonderful supporters, thus far:

Dr. Robert Strietel
Kirstie Crawford Cusick
The Bilodeau Family
Brent Smith
Anonymous (2)
Sam and Mary Ann Wagner
The Myers Family
Erin Gentry
Peter and Juliet Lane
Pat Nicholson
Cari, Paul, and Rune
Barb Siftar
George and Marie Asselin
Justin Wright
Bruce and Lauren James
Helene Newberg
Paula Kline and Alan Wright
Katy Erker-Lynch
Mike Meade
Lisa Dooley
Fred Crumrine
Dan and Julie Nicholson
France Bilodeau
The Matlack Family
Bob Rosenberg
The Phil Gordon Fund
Forest and Sally Rittgers
The Matlack Family
Linda and Alston Forrester
Bertha May Nicholson
Daniel Powell
Max Yeh
Hilary Myers
Carolyn Griffith
The Sargent Family
Annette Hearing
The Shipley School
Tom and Sandi Richards
Ben Hartman and Family
Diane Decot
No-Tail and Noelle Asselin
Lee Reinert and Family
Sally Brown
Norman and Cathy Robinson
Julie Porter and John Griffith
Jessica Ghofrani
Louise and Gary Knox
Emily Terao
Anny, Larry, Sam, and Henry
A. Raechel Hackney
Louise Beede
Jane Carlisle, Ph.D
Brian Smith
Mary Barcio
Thomas and Ellen Hay
Joe and Barbara Marchese
Stuart Mays
Louise M. Beede
Norman Mininger
Clover Asselin
Diane Davey and Family
Denise Egan Stack and Family
Ashley Hazen
Amanda Forrester
Laurie Worth
Karen and Mark Powell
Steve and Sunny Piltch
Katie Hyten
Nate Terrell
Sean Miller
Katie Franco
Margaret Brown
Charlotte and Barry Feierman
Ted and Irene Moon
Barrie Pendergast
Margaret, Matt, and Mackenna Woods
Pat Nicholson
Justin Klee
John and Cathy Ignas
Sue Andersen
Whitney Leonard
Carl Kjellman
Ann Moses
Greg and Marcia Coleman
The Graf-Evans Family
Nancy Van Arkel
Kathy Angell and Dutch Leonard
John Woodcock
The Naib Family
Helene Newberg
The Mays Family
Tony Tulumello
Paige Russell
Amanda Huskey
Jennifer Thorne
Doug Gablinske
Owen Baron
Bob and Laura Nicholson

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  1. What a great list of supporters! And on top of that, about 75 people (by my last count) have purchased one or more sets of your cards.