Sunday, March 9, 2014

Long Run, March 8th: Final Riverside Run

I actually don't have a lot to say about our run on Saturday. None of my usual running partners were present, so I did the headphones and picked a runner to try to keep in my sight for the way back from Riverside to challenge myself a little. I did go a little faster than usual, and my feet were all achy in various ways when I got back. Including the left foot. The good foot! Not OK. Luckily there were quite a few Samaritans and other runners to talk with on the train and back at the facility. It was sunny and pleasant out (maybe mid thirties), although later in the day it shot up past 50 and I saw runners in shorts, which made me realize that I really should have just slept in and run on my own time. Walking around the downtown later, I realize how much I have missed doing my own runs around the city. Oh well, it wont be too much longer now--only about another three weeks at peak. On the upside, there was a moment when I was caught in the island at the intersection after BC, waiting for the green line to train to pass and I was sort of jamming a little to my music and then I looked up and saw the conductor of the train nodding along so I started rocking out a little and he smiled and started really grooving. That made me happy.

In case you haven't looked over, check out how close I am to hitting my goal. Nice. I feel like at this point I can aim to shoot even a bit higher. I still plenty of cards left over that I am looking to sell, if anyone is interested! Click the tab above.

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