Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Long Run, February 7th: Snow on snow on snow

I decided to forgo running the usual Riverside route with the team on Saturday, for a variety of reasons. One, I was hesitant to get up at the crack of dawn, and also aware that Beacon Street was probably more of a mess than usual. With the three or four feet of snow on the ground (this was before the most recent snow dump on Monday that has brought the total to over 77 inches), the running conditions have deteriorated greatly and Beacon Street is somehow always in particularly bad shape. Now that I live in the boonies of Somerville out near Tufts, it felt like ages since I have been downtown, so I decided to sleep in a bit and run on my own through the city on sidewalks that wouldn't be too much of a mess.
The view down my street on my way to work after the most recent snow!
It was dull and gray outside as I headed down Comm Ave. from Daniel's apartment towards BU past the telltale vomit piles that had frozen to the snowbanks over Friday night. I had gotten a late start well past 9:30am, and I tried to not feel envious of the faster runners that I could see finishing their Riverside Run as I passed through Kenmore. My own fault that I got a late start, and I wasn't actually so sorry that I'd opted for extra sleep. I continued down Commonwealth Avenue into the Public Garden, frequently forced to find footing on snow-packed sidewalks. The public garden was uncharacteristically empty for a Saturday morning, but with the pond choked with snow and a feeling of desolation in the grayness of the morning, I wasn't entirely surprised that normal people had decided to stay in and eat delicious brunch and get cozy with their pets. When I looped past Government Center, I got a glimpse of the progress for the new train station--it seems as though the poured concrete bunker has been replaced with a tall, airy structure that looks far from finished. Not too much of a shock, given that Boston City projects are required to take a minimum of 3 years to complete, plus an extra few for good measure. The snowbanks heading past Sam Adams' grave were coated in red, white, and blue confetti, a remnant of the Patriots victory parade earlier in the week. I actually ended up following a good chunk of the parade route, made evident by the lack of confetti clean-up.

Yes, it's a car!
I was a bit saddened by the lack of beauty as I crossed the Longfellow and followed Memorial Drive to the Harvard Bridge, as the construction fence from the bridge project  blocked my view. Plus, the snow-pack along the river forced me to stare down at my feet the entire time, instead of looking over at the view as I usually do. When I crossed back to Kenmore, I caught Michelle just finishing up her Riverside run, and it was a treat to be able to chat with her briefly. I had planned to head back on Beacon and then cut up Summit Hill, but Michelle advised against it due to poor conditions. So I headed back via Comm Ave. again, and happened to pass the same runner coming out of Kenmore that I had seen way down by Government Center, which I found very exciting but he apparently wasn't into eye contact. I spent the rest of the time playing a new game I devised, where I guess whether or not a snowbank contains a car. Often the result is inconclusive, but a lone side view mirror or tail light sticking out of the pile is often the giveaway. I finished up the run by continuing past Daniel's and up the big hill on Comm Ave. to make up for the fact that I was skipping Summit Hill. I actually ended up doing that same stretch over and over for my hill workout on Tuesday, since by then the T was closed down due to snow and I was unable to make it to the Common. I can't say that I am too sorry to be leaving this winter gulag for winter break in PA next week, although it has certainly made things interesting.

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